Egypt welcomes US Congress legislation to label Muslim Brotherhood 'terrorist group'

Egypt welcomed on Sunday a move by the United States Congress Judiciary Committee to label the Muslim Brotherhood a “foreign terrorist organisation.”

“The move shows that the entire world has started realising Egypt’s point of view,” presidency spokesman Alaa Youssef told state news agency MENA.

On Wednesday, a Republican-led House Committee approved the legislation.

The legislation, submitted in late 2015, cites multiple countries who have declared the Brotherhood a terrorist organisation, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

If passed and made into law, the US would have to deny admittance to non-US citizens who are tied to the Brotherhood.

Egypt declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group in late 2013, and many of its leading figures, including ousted president Mohamed Morsi, are currently being tried on multiple terror-related charges.


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