First of such cases in China: Body frozen for future chances at resurrection

cryogenically frozen
The entire body of a 49-year-old woman from Shandong province in east China has been cryogenically frozen after she died of lung cancer.

It is the first of such cases in China.

The body of Zhan Wenlian is being stored in a container filled with liquefied nitrogen that is being kept at -196 degrees Celsius.

Prior to that, the body was injected with chemicals for it to cool down, and organ preservation solutions were poured in to stop ice crystal formation, which could harm the organs under extreme low temperatures.

Zhan's family is hoping to preserve her body until advances in science can bring her back to life.

Zhan's husband is also considering the option to join his wife after he dies.

In 2015, the body of Chinese author Du Hong, who died of pancreatic cancer, was transported to Los Angeles, where the head was detached and preserved in a container.

Over 300 bodies have been cryogenically frozen worldwide since 1967.

So far no attempts have been made to revive them.


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