North Korea defector says life in South miserable

life in South miserable
A North Korean defector in the South is demanding the Seoul government allow him to return to his country of origin.

Kwon Chol-nam, a defector who claims a human trafficker helped him to travel to South Korea for about $2,500 in 2014, told The New York Times he is being "treated like dirt" in the wealthier South.

"In the North, I may not be rich, but I would better understand people around me and wouldn't be treated like dirt as I have been in the South," Kwon told The Times.

Kwon is the second defector to demand repatriation. His story shares distinct similarities with the account of defector Kim Ryen-hi, a woman who claimed she was tricked into entering the South, and has been working toward repatriation since 2015.


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