Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hagia Sophia is a church

As cruel as barbarity is, civilization resists and in the end it always wins. Hagia Sophia which is also a monument of world heritage is a church, whether they want it or not. And it is not the systems that change something. Since the sixth century thanks to Anthemius and Isidore it has seen a little of everything.

It has crossed through the centuries incessantly. Even when they wounded it with four minarets, the church endured and continued its course as a martyr of Christianity. So it was converted into a mosque and then in a museum. But the spirit of the church wasn’t erased after so many centuries in the occupied lands.

Our church remains a symbol for the whole Hellenism that didn’t forget anything from the past. Because even the mosque didn’t function religiously but politically to demonstrate to everyone the muslim conquest and not to the benefit of the faithful. For this reason it is ludicrous to see now and then protests for it to operate as a mosque, since there is no need.

Furthermore, it is always an issue when they try to ruin a church in a religious sense. The church remains and doesn’t forget. 

Our issue then is more on why we don’t claim and actually dynamically for it to re-operate as a church.

Because the fanatics do not concern us when there is genuine will. 

In Hagia Sophia we see simultaneously Hellenism and Christianity due to history and this is how we ought to see Future Memory that changes the barbaric context so that the humans, not only those who believe, but are also faithful to the teachings of Christ, be justified.
N. Lygeros

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