Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Around 2 mln Muslims begin Hajj pilgrimage

Pilgrims from around the world have begun moving from the tent city of Mina to the holy site of Kaaba in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj, one of the biggest gatherings on the planet.

The number of pilgrims coming from abroad for Hajj this year since the start of arrivals until yesterday totaled 1,372,148 pilgrims, while 308 of them have died.

According to the daily statistics of the Directorate General of Passports, the number of pilgrims came by air totaled 1,324,175 pilgrims, by land 35,050 pilgrims, and by sea 12,923 pilgrims, that is less by 15,151 pilgrims than the number of arrivals for the same period last year, at a rate of 1%.

 From all races and ages, they flocked into the Grand Mosque, where they prayed -- some silently in tears and others loudly in groups carrying their countries' flags

The hajj is among the five pillars of Islam and every capable Muslim must perform the pilgrimage at least once...

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