Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kicking journalist fired by TV station

It's now been confirmed the Hungarian camerawoman caught on video tripping refugees earlier this week near the border with Serbia has been sacked.

She was caught on video kicking and tripping up refugees fleeing police at a border collection area on Tuesday.

One incident, which has gained the most traction on the internet, shows her sticking her foot out to trip a man carrying a child.

Another shows her kicking a running child.

The incidents took place as hundreds of refugees broke through a police line at a collection point in southern Hungary.

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  1. Hungarian camerawoman says she regrets kicking migrants, was in panic...

    A Hungarian camerawoman who kicked and tripped migrants fleeing from police this week has said that, as a mother, she regrets her actions, which she said were carried out in panic.

    At the same time, Hungarian police said they had interviewed Petra Laszlo as a suspect late on Thursday after prosecutors ordered an investigation for disorderly conduct.

    The camerawoman was fired on Tuesday from the right-wing news station N1TV, also known as Nemzeti TV, after videos of her actions spread in the media and on the internet.

    Separate videos show her kicking a girl and tripping up a man carrying a child as hundreds of migrants, many of them Syrian refugees, break away from police on Hungary's southern border with Serbia.

    "I honestly regret what happened ... I am practically in shock from what I did, and what was done to me," Laszlo wrote in a letter posted on, the website of the newspaper Magyar Nemzet.

    She said she had panicked when hundreds of migrants started running towards her, and had wanted to protect herself.

    "I am not a heartless, racist camerawoman who would kick children ... I am a woman, a mother of small children, who has since lost her job, and who made a bad decision in a panic," she added....Reuters..........


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