Friday, November 6, 2015

The Pontian's resistance: The genocide of the Greeks of Pontos is not a show, but a wound of Humanity.

The Pontian's resistance
When you hear the absurt, it's not enough to react, but you must resist.

Because the reaction is just the answer to an action and it's not an initiative.

Whereas, the resistance in regards to the particular injustice is the proper course to take place.

This questioning of the existence of the genocide, as diplomatically as it may be presented, a denial remains behind.

And this denial is not only unconstitutional, but could be criminalized, due to the new legislation in Greece, which no longer accepts the questioning of a recognized genocide, a factor which regards the genocide of the Jews, the Armenians and the Greeks of Pontus.
If we of course let inhumane statements like that to go unanswered, assuming that they are merely personal opinions, at the end of the day the whole genocide concept will be downgraded as far as the Pontians are concerned, which in actual fact will mean, that it does no longer belong to the criminalized refusals.

This is the real danger identified by only a few.

It is not a matter of historical existence, because no one can question the historical facts, but it's of purely legal nature.

Because, an event that is no longer characterized as a genocide, would no longer be able to cause penalties for the perpetrator thereon.

It is no coincidence that these unacceptable statements were supported by the Turkish regime, which as we well know, never acknowledged any of the three genocides it committed.
Additionally, it is no coincidence, that a single person has tried, in vain due to the then resistance of the Greek nation, to even change the history book, incorporating 88 historical mistakes within it.

The whole context is quite clear to all Pontian organizations, as it's regarding a systematic violation of their rights, and if they are not able to resist to the absurt, then there's no need to wear the traditional costumes of the fighters.

The genocide of the Greeks of Pontos is not a show, but a wound of Humanity. And our resistance is an example for other nations as well.

 N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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