Sunday, December 6, 2015

Germany Warns Saudia Arabia Against Financing Radicalism Abroad

German Vice Chancellor and SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel warned the Gulf state against financing religious extremists in his country and called for a decisive approach against radical mosques, German media reported.

The German politician "made it clear that the time of looking away is over" and warned Saudi Arabia not to support Wahhabi mosques in countries abroad, including Germany.

"Saudi Arabia is financing Wahhabi mosques throughout the world. Many Islamist instigators in Germany come from these communities," the SPD leader told "Bild am Sonntag".

According to the politician, Saudi Arabia plays a key role in the resolution of a number of regional conflicts. However, it doesn’t mean that Germany will tolerate its activities aimed at backing radical extremists.

Gabriel stressed the necessity to work out a decisive strategy against fundamentalist mosques.

“This radical fundamentalism, which takes place in Salafist mosques, is no less dangerous than the right-wing extremism," Gabriel said. "We have to adopt the same approach to the Salafists as to right-wing violent criminals," the politician added.

Earlier, SPD parliamentary leader Thomas Oppermann warned against the spread of Wahhabism in Germany. Taking into account possible financing of mosques by Saudi Arabia, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution should closely monitor such activities, he told the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

  • L'Arabie saoudite doit cesser le financement des mosquées à l'étranger ...

Le vice-chancelier allemand Sigmar Gabriel a déclaré dimanche que l'Arabie saoudite devait cesser le financement des mosquées fondamentalistes à l'étranger qui sont accusées d'alimenter l'extrémisme.

"Des mosquées wahhabites sont financées à travers le monde" par l'Arabie saoudite, a déclaré Sigmar Gabriel à l'hebdomadaire Bild am Sonntag. "En Allemagne, de nombreux islamistes considérés comme dangereux viennent de ces communautés", a-t-il ajouté .

Une version austère de l'Islam

Le wahhabisme est un mouvement politico-religieux fondé au 18e siècle par le cheikh Mohammed ben Abdul Wahhab, cofondateur de l'Etat saoudien. Il prône une version austère de l'islam sunnite tel qu'il était pratiqué par la première génération de musulmans. Des organisations islamistes extrémistes tels le groupe Etat islamique (EI) s'inspirent de la pensée wahhabite.................


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