Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hungary appeals EU mandatory quota system

Hungary on Thursday submitted to the European Court its appeal against the EU mandatory quota system to distribute migrants across the bloc, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced.

Addressing a meeting of the Hungarian Standing Conference, Orban said Slovakia had submitted its own appeal to the European Court on Wednesday.

The Visegrad group countries -- the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia -- have proven that the migrant flow can be stopped "if we have a will," Orban said.

Hungary's parliament adopted a resolution on Nov. 3 stating the European Commission did not have the legal right to establish a quota system that mandated the number of refugees each member country must take in.

The resolution argued that the quota system was essentially a centralized order of procedure that was not coordinated with the member states.

According to Antal Rogan, the Minister in charge of the Prime Minister's Cabinet, Hungary would be responsible for accepting 13,200 people a year if 1 million refugees a year were to enter the European Union. 

If 1.2 million came, Hungary would have to take over 15,000 a year, he added.
  Xinhua -

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