Friday, March 18, 2016

Wanted migrants pose threat to Sweden

Scores of migrants in Sweden pose a security threat to the country, its security service said on Thursday.

Around 60 current asylum seekers are either wanted by foreign intelligence services or have committed war crimes elsewhere, the security service Sapo said, according to public broadcaster Swedish Television.

"More attempts or full-scale terror attacks will occur in our region or within our borders," said Lari Nyroos, Sapo's chief analyst for counter-terrorism.

The 60 monitored migrants cannot be granted asylum, nor can they be deported, if returning to their home countries would endanger their lives, the channel reported.

Sapo recently lowered Sweden's official threat level to three on a five-point scale.

Meanwhile, around 135 Swedish residents have returned from Syria or Iraq after traveling to train or join forces with jihadists there, although the security service said it would not classify the whole group as a threat.

"They are bitterly remorseful and are trying to start a new, more sensible life at home," Nyroos said, while adding that some were "firm in their conviction that terrorism is the only way."
 [Xinhua -]

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