Sunday, May 8, 2016

Poland sees large-scale pro and against EU marches

Three large-scale marches went through the streets of Warsaw in Poland on Saturday, representing the country's divided attitudes towards the European Union and the government's policy.

A major march gathered representatives of the opposition parties, various organizations and thousands of Polish citizens. Its aim was to display pro-European attitude, voice supports for Poland's presence in the European Union and protest against recent laws passed by the government.

The march was entitled "We are and we'll be in the EU". The participants protested against recent amendments to the Constitutional Tribunal law and other bills they consider as non-democratic. Warsaw's municipality authorities estimated that 240,000 people took part in the march.

Another pro-European march was the Schuman's Parade, a non-political demonstration, organized for the 17th time and aimed at celebrating Europe Day which is May 9.

  • Participant declared their attachment to the EU values, such as rule of law, respecting minorities' rights, claiming that Poland is an immanent part of Europe and the EU.
  • A march of euro skeptical National Movement was aimed "against collaborators who, together with Brussels, want to destroy Polish traditions," according to Robert Winnicki, the movement's leader.

All three marches were held simultaneously in Warsaw on Saturday.
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