Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Residents of the richest villages of Europe refused to take 10 refugees and paid 260,000 euros

Swiss village of Oberwil-Lily, one of the richest and most prosperous settlements in Europe, where 2,200 people from the population of 300 millionaires, refused to take ten refugees in accordance with established EU quota, preferring instead to pay a fine in the amount of 263.000 euros.

For this decision voted 52% of the population of the village, wrote on Tuesday, may 31, the British newspaper Independent.

One of the residents Oberwil-Lily explained this position in an interview with The Daily Mail: We just don’t want to accept them – that’s all. We are all his life worked hard and built a beautiful village, which do not intend to spoil. The refugees we don’t need, they don’t fit.» ...

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