Sunday, July 31, 2016

There is no neutrality

There is no neutrality when it is about crime against Humanity. Because in this case you are with the perpetrator. The action of the terrorist organization Daesh is genocide and nothing else.

And as far as the heresy, it is isomorphic to a religion of death. In other words there is no framework of negotiation, since the goal is not even conversion of belief, but the literal extermination of all those which are considered enemies, as per the assessment of these criminals of Humanity.

So the neutrality, which operates initially as indifference and continues as oblivion, acts against the truth and facilitates the terrorists, since it maximizes the actions by propagating their consequences.

 And while we know that it never produces constructive work, we see countries promoting it in order to hide behind their finger but without an outcome in the depth of time. So, it is important to escape from the mass of indifference and of oblivion in order to participate in the struggle for Humanity and against barbarity.

Because it is not about a war of civilizations, but about a war between civilization and barbarity, because this never constituted for Humanity even a fragment of civilization. And if we realize it, then we will cease being accomplices of the inadmissible which takes advantage of the ignorance of individuals so that it annihilates the human beings. So only the combat of genocide will become an irreversible act for the future of the innocents.
 N. Lygeros -OPUS
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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