Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Basic Values of the European Union: Luxembourg FM urges suspension of Hungary from EU over refugee stance

Luxembourg's foreign minister has called for expelling Hungary from the European Union over its hard-line approach to refugees, the Independent quotes him as telling German newspaper Die Welt.

Jean Asselborn described Hungary's position as a serious breach of "the basic values of the European Union".

  • "Anyone, like Hungary, who builds fences against war refugees or breaches press freedom and the independence of the justice system should be temporarily, or if needed forever, excluded from the EU," he said.

Around 400,000 migrants and refugees passed through Hungary in 2015 before Viktor Orban's government sealed off its southern borders with razor-wire fences in autumn and brought in tough new anti-migrant laws.

The government announced in July it would hold a referendum on October 2 on the EU's plan to share 160,000 migrants around the 28-nation bloc via mandatory quotas...

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