Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Icelandic MPs' huge pay rise sparks controversy

The decision of Iceland's state pay authority to increase the pay of lawmakers by 44 percent has been harshly criticized by a number of people, Icelandic media reported on Tuesday.

The National Remuneration Board said it is appropriate to bring the salary level of MPs in line with that of district judges, which means 1,101,194 Icelandic kronur (9,870 US dollars) per month, a rise of around 44 percent, according to online newspaper Iceland Monitor.

Also in line for big bonuses are government ministers, whose wages are to go up over 35 percent to 1,826,273 kronur. Iceland's prime minister will pocket a total of 2,021,825 kronur.

The president will continue to be the highest paid Icelander whose pay is decided by the pay authority. The president's salary is going up by around 20 percent to 2,985,000 kronur per month.

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