Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Some two dozen Democrat lawmakers to skip Trump's inauguration

About two dozen US Democratic lawmakers have now said they will break with tradition by skipping US President-elect Donald Trump's Friday inauguration in protest.

A count by CBS News put the number of Democrat congressmen who have announced the boycott to at least 24, while the New York Daily News reported that the number already reached 26, at least five of them from New York.

House Representative Jerry Nadler from New York, joined the boycott plan on Monday.

"I cannot go because of the president-elect's inflammatory comments, his racist campaign, his conflicts of interest, his refusal to disclose his taxes," Nadler said on CNN's "New Day."

Over the weekend, Wisconsin Representative Mark Pocan announced his plan on social media, attacking Trump for "Twitter addiction."

"Given the tone of the campaign, Rep. Velazquez didn't think it appropriate to attend the inauguration and made that decision weeks ago," the congresswoman's office told the Daily News Sunday. "She will spend her time elsewhere on events like the Women's March."

The feud between Democrats and Trump has been fuelled by Trump's recent clash with Democratic lawmaker John Lewis, a well-known icon of the civil rights movement across the United States.

Lewis said in an interview Friday that he does not consider Trump a "legitimate president" because of Russian interference in the election and will not attend the inauguration.

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