Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Thousands of Twitter accounts hacked by Erdogan supporters post Nazi imagery

Several thousand Twitter accounts were hacked on Wednesday by supporters of the Turkish President who flooded feeds with messages against Germany and the Netherlands.

The hackers posted messages with swastikas and the hashtags "NaziGermany" and "NaziNetherlands," adding that this was a "little Ottoman slap" and demanding these countries learn Turkish.

"We're aware that our service was hacked and have started an investigation into the matter. We've already taken measures to contain such abuse," said a spokesperson for The Counter, a stat site powered by Twitter.

Among the hacked accounts were the Amnesty International NGO, the Canadian singer Justin Bieber's Japanese profile and media like the BBC and Reuters.

Many were forced to post messages of apology to their followers, such as AI who said: "Earlier this morning our Twitter account was hacked. We've now deleted the hacked tweet and investigating what happened. Apologies & thanks."

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