Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dozens Martyred in HugeTerrorist Blast Targeting Buses Evacuating Locals of Kafraya and Faou'a

Tens of peoples were martyred and tens others were wounded as a result of a terrorist car bomb explosion that targeted the bus convoy evacuating the people of Kafraya and al-Fou'a villages of Idleb countryside to Aleppo.

The two villages have been besieged by terrorists since 2013.

The blast occurred in al-Rashidin area to the west of Aleppo, where the buses were waiting for entering Aleppo.

SANA reporter in Aleppo said the terrorist explosion caused the martyrdom of tens of civilians, most of them were children and women, and caused huge damage to the vehicles and ambulances.

Yesterday 75 buses and 20 ambulances, carrying on board 5000 locals from the two terrorist-besieged towns of Kefraya and al-Fouaa in Idleb countryside, headed for al-Rashideen area, to the west of Aleppo within the framework of the agreement that was reached to evacuate locals from the two towns.

The process was carried out in parallel with the departure of gunmen and their families from al-Zabadani and Madaya, according to SANA.

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