Thursday, April 6, 2017

Kremlin dismisses US envoy’s photo display of Syrian attack victims as ‘emotional gesture’

US Ambassador Nikki Haley’s exhibition of pictures showing Syrian victims of an alleged chemical attack in the Syrian province of Idlib as she addressed a meeting of the UN Security Council might merely be an emotional gesture, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Thursday.

"Of course, showing pictures can be important evidence for some sort of fact, but it can also be just an emotional gesture and nothing else," the spokesman said. "Different data, not only on paper but even in glass containers has been demonstrated to the UN Security Council, but most often those were just a display of emotion having nothing to do with the actual situation," Peskov said (possibly referring to a tube with traces of alleged Iraqi chemical weapons demonstrated in 2003 by the then US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, which came as a pretext for a US intrusion into that country -TASS).

Commenting on Haley’s words about the death of children in Syria, Peskov reminded reporters that preventing such tragedies is exactly what Russia is actively doing in Syria. "Because only by ridding terrorists from Syrian soil can the country bring back calm conditions when children won’t be dying," the Kremlin spokesman stated.

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