Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Aussie terror warning to remain at "probable" in wake of Manchester terror attack: PM

Australia's terror threat level will remain at "probable," Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Wednesday, despite Britain raising its threat level from "severe" to "critical" following the terrorist bombing which occurred in Manchester on Monday evening.

Turnbull held high-level security briefings in the wake of the Manchester bombing which killed at least 22 people and injured dozens who were attending a concert in the Britain's third largest city, but speaking to the press on Wednesday, the prime minister said Australia's threat level would remain the same despite Britain raising its threat level to its highest possible ranking.

"The threat level in Australia should remain where it is at 'probably', and that the events in Britain do not, at this stage, indicate any heightening of the level in Australia," Turnbull said at a press conference.

"But the threat level is at probably. It is effectively at the same level as the UK before the attack. They've increased it by one level, and they did that because they believe that the terrorist was not acting alone.

"Until the conspirators are identified and the network is uncovered, there is the risk of further attacks. That's why, in some respects, you can say that the attack is not yet over (in the UK)."

The prime minister said he has made contact with his British counterpart Theresa May to express Australia's condolences to, and reiterate Australia's solidarity to the people of Britain and those affected by the terror attack.

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