Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Over 30% of Britons Believe EU Will Not Exist as Political Union in 25 Years

As many as 34 percent of UK citizens believes that the European Union will not exist as a political union in 25 years, a recent poll has revealed.

The survey carried out by the BMG Research showed that a total of 61 percent of respondents were pessimistic about the fate of the bloc. A total of 27 percent believe that the European Union would be "much smaller and weaker than it is today" and 34 think that it would "not exist as a political union," the poll's results showed on Tuesday.

From a more optimistic viewpoint, 16 percent believed that the European Union would improve its current standing. Moreover, 4 percent think that the bloc would become "the largest and most influential political union in the world" with another 12 percent believing that it would be "much larger and stronger than it is today."

The poll was carried out between April 28-May 1 among 1,704 UK adults.

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