Friday, September 1, 2017

Canada sharing information with US on all US citizens entering Canada

US citizens entering Canada
Canada Border Services Agency has already begun sharing information with the U.S. Homeland Security department on all U.S. citizens entering Canada each day, according to Canada Broadcasting Corporation Thursday.

The United States is expected to provide Canada with similar information about Canadians entering the United States.

Under a 2011 security pact, Canada and the United States agreed to set up a co-ordinated system to track the entry and exit information of travellers to bolster security and help enforce other laws related to public health and safety.

The system includes exchanging entry information collected from people at the land border so that data on entry to one country serves as a record of exit from the other.

The first two phases of the program were limited to foreign nationals and permanent residents of Canada and the U.S., but not citizens of either country.

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