Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Dozens of asylum seekers in northern Finland cross border into Sweden

asylum seekers in northern Finland
During a demonstration staged by a group of frustrated asylum seekers in Finnish border town of Tornio on Tuesday, 55 of the demonstrators crossed the border into the Swedish side.

The border between Finland and Sweden has no controls, but police was in presence to ensure security.

The group crossing the border, including kids, are said to believe they would have a better chance in Sweden.

It's uncertain that whether all the people crossing into sweden are recipients of a negative decision in Finland.

Finnish national broadcaster Yle reported that the border crossers were taken to a reception center in Boden, northern Sweden after they entered the country.

Part of the group allegedly have said that they would seek asylum in Sweden. Finnish officials told Yle, however, that those who had filed an application in Finland were likely to be returned to Finland, on the basis of the Dublin agreement.

Pekka Nuutinen, head of the reception unit at the Finnish migration authority, told newspaper Keskisuomalainen on Monday that 11,000 of the 15,000 currently registered asylum seekers had been given a negative decision.

"It is obvious that their situation in the final phase of the process affects their mood," Nuutinen said.

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