Thursday, December 28, 2017

US Renews Pledge to Help Afghans Defeat Terrorists After Deadly Attack in Kabul

US Renews Pledge to Help Afghans Defeat Terrorists
A terrorist bombing on a Shiite cultural center in Kabul on Thursday prompted a renewed pledge from the United States to continue backing Afghanistan’s government until the nation is safe and at peace, US Ambassador John Bass said in a statement.

"We remain confident the Afghan government and people, supported by their friends and partners, will defeat those behind these terrible acts,” Bass said. “The United States continues to stand with all Afghans in their pursuit of peace, security, and prosperity."

The statement was made after a double suicide attack hit Kabul earlier in the day, claiming the lives of 41 people and injuring 84 more: one took place near the Sada-i-Afghan (Afghan Voice) news agency and the other reportedly hit a cultural center. The Daesh terror group (banned in Russia), which attacked more than a dozen Shiite targets in Afghanistan in the past two years, including an October strike on a mosque that killed at least 57 worshipers, has claimed responsibility for the assault.

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