Thursday, February 8, 2018

Brexit could see every region of Britain with falling GDP: secret papers

Brexit could see every region of Britain with falling GDP
Every region of Britain would be affected in the case of three possible Brexit scenarios, with London the least hit, a secret impact analysis revealed Wednesday.

A group of MPs were allowed to study the highly sensitive documents Wednesday behind closed doors in the House of Commons library.

The documents assessed the possible economic impact of Britain leaving the European Union under three potential economic scenarios, a comprehensive free trade deal, single market access and no deal at all.

England's North East Region, centered around Newcastle and Sunderland, would come off worse in all three scenarios, while London would be least hit in any of the three outcomes, the papers revealed.

Downing Street reacted Wednesday night saying the papers did not cover all outcomes.

Extracts from the papers were leaked last week by the internet site Buzzfeed, prompting calls by politicians for the government to release the documents.

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