Monday, June 28, 2021

INDIA | Miles de cuerpos de víctimas de la COVID resurgen del Ganges



 Miles de cuerpos de víctimas de la COVID-19 resurgen de las aguas del Ganges. Habían sido enterrados en las orillas de este río sagrado en la India, pero las inundaciones monzónicas los han devuelto a la superficie. 

La mayoría fallecieron durante los pasados meses de abril y mayo, los más duros...


O rio Ganges, o mais sagrado da Índia, é também o mais poluído. Três bilhões de litros de esgoto escoam nele todos os dias. E a covid-19 pode tornar a situação ainda pior.

Isso porque uma grande quantidade de corpos que foram enterrados em bancos de areia nas margens pode ser carregada pelo rio quando chegarem as monções, fenômeno climático que envolve épocas de fortes chuvas.

Além de perigoso para a saúde das pessoas, isso pode ser tornar um sério problema ambiental. 



 Annual monsoon rain has caused flooding along the River Ganges in India and exposed hundreds of graves of coronavirus victims. Most of the bodies are thought to be of people who died during a big rise in cases earlier this year. 

The discovery has fueled allegations that the Modi government has concealed the true number of COVID-19 fatalities. India's most sacred river has turned into a graveyard. During a surge in cases, crematoriums could not keep up with demand. 

Cremations that families could not afford are now being carried out on the river banks. More than 1000 corpses have washed up since May. Health professionals have accused the Indian government of fudging its coronavirus figures to hide the true death toll. 

The official number stands at nearly 400,000. The hundreds of corpses emerging from the Ganges suggest that number may be far higher.

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